I've been slacking when it comes to anime. I actually love anime, most of the dark kind of stuff have extremely interesting storylines.


I feel in love with Paprika when it came out a few years ago. I believe it was based on a book (manga?) sorry I don't know. It was about this device that was used to enter another person's dreamstate. That device got stolen and was then used to murder people. Freaky movie...freakily interesting though. Hella symbolic too.


I also got into GANTZ. A friend of mine got me into it. WELL I saw the live action movies first....which were so bad ass. Great special effects and the monsters/aliens were the shit. Especially that crazy statue thingy with swords on all the arms. So many brutal death scenes too. 2nd movie was deep as hell. Totally loved it.  I then proceeded to the original anime...was worlds away. Kei Kurono was immensely annoying compared to the movie. It's actually more graphic compared to the movies as well...and that's definitely saying something. I still have yet to finish it though. I still have the entire series sitting on my laptop. Waiting....


That sums up my taste in anime. I love the dark, gory crap. NONE OF THAT POKEMON SHIT. I admit, I used to watch it when I was like in middle school but now my son watches it and that's ok. He also loves BeyBlade and Yugioh. That's cool too. I keep my mean comments to myself, if my son likes watching it, then so do I (or at least fake it).


Wanted to watch Elfen Lied and Black Butler but never had the time. Now I do. Those 2 shows have that right amount of perfection. I also always wanted to finish watching Full Metal Alchemist. I actually enjoyed watching the few episodes I did catch. It surely catches you in the feels, man! That chimera god that episode left me in a pool of my own TEARS!!!!!!


My current obsession is Sgt Frog. It LOOKS like a kids show but lemme tell ya something. IT'S NOT. There's adult jokes and pop culture references. Well in the English dub anyway. I've watched a few Subs in the original series but I am just in love with the English dub!! It's full of quirky adult humor you totally wouldn't expect. 


My favorite Sgt. Frog episode (or one of them, anyway) is when they have to shrink themselves to get inside Keroro's mouth because it is infested with Cavitians (cavities) and the race of Cavitians feed off those cavities and eventually kill him. The frogs mission is so destroy that race. This funny part is when Keroro puts himself in his own mouth (don't ask...weird explanation) and his plan B (in which his buddy, Kululu built) gets foiled because it was supposed to be this bad ass weapon of mass destruction but it turns out to be flowers popping out of his head and Keroro yells out "STUPID FUCKING KULULU!!!"  Oh gosh that had my rolling on the floor laughing like an idiot for a while.


Another favorite scene is when Kululu pulls this prank on Giroro and he obviously doesn't take jokes easily, he pulls his gun on Kululu and says "I only laugh at pain...and right now, it's about to get REAL funny."


I wish Hulu would put the dubs back on. I've watched the available 4 dubs like a million times already. The rest are 3 seasons worth of subs. Oh well.


Kind of in the anime mood right now after all this talk about it...

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